In nature, I love the different seasons

img_2102Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

They are ever present here in Germany.


nature awakening from its winter rest,

bursting out into fresh greens and first colours.

Warm evenings.



Bright sunlight, waking us up early,

Nature growing in abundance,

Long days.



Nature preparing for winter

Cool mornings and nights

Colourful leaves



Bare trees and icy paths

Crisp, cold air and frozen noses

Nature turning into white magic.




Right now, in nature, it is autumn.


Days getting shorter.

Leaves turning red, yellow, brown.

Nature changing it’s face into earthy colours.

The sun shining more gently, lower, cooler.

In nature,

I love autumn.

Autumn is my favourite season.

 In life, I love the different seasons.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

They are quietly present in my life.



I am a little girl.

I live in the moment.

I enjoy every minute of my being.

I don’t doubt.

I trust completely.

Time, for me, is endless.




img_3016                 I am a young woman.

I have dreams.

I make mistakes.

I have a family.

I work hard.

Time, for me, is busy.



I am a “mature” woman.

I live life to the full.

I value relationships.

I conserve my energy.

I stress less.

Time, for me, is valuable.



One day, God willing,img_5238

I will be an old woman.

I will live life with limitations.

I will value friendships and family highly

I will have to conserve my energy.

  Time, for me, will be limited.


Right now, in my life, it’s autumn.

My hair turns grey.

My skin is wrinkly.

My mind is clear and

My soul is searching.

In life,

I love autumn.

Autumn is my favourite season.

What will it be like in winter?

Will I still walk the icy paths?

Will I still feel the crisp, cold air

And will my nose freeze?

Will I still see nature

Turning into white magic?

Will my life still be enjoyable

Despite the limitations?

Will I still have friends and family?

Will I still have energy?

What will winter be like?



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