Can you hear it?

Can you hear it?

Roaring thunder of the ocean

The mighty Atlantic

Rough and raw

steady, beautiful rhythm

Foamy waves rolling on the shore

Can you hear it?

Screeching seagulls at the beach

Circling the air

Up and high

constant, wide wingspan

Searching for food

Can you see it?

Shining light through thick cloud

A piece of blue sky

Light and bright

 promising, little smile

Warming my face.

Can you see it?

Uplifting rocks along the coast

Coloured beauty

Rugged and rough

 hard, yet soft surface

protecting the land.

Can you feel it?

Squeeking sand between my toes

Cleaning my skin

Fine and coarse

 water washed away

Massaging gently.

Can you feel it?

Love, I love the sea

The beach and the sun

The wind and the sand

The beauty of nature

Giving me peace.













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