I am Frederick.

You don’t know who Frederick is?

Frederik, the little field mouse.

You still don’t know?

Frederick, who never collects food for winter like all the other mice.


The one who is lazy while his companions work hard.


Instead of collecting food for long winter months,

Frederick uses his time to collect other things:

Silvery sunrays

Radiant rainbows

Sweet sounds

Spectacular smells

Terrific tastes

Perfect pictures

And many other valuable things.


Frederick’s collection is valuable.

Silvery sunrays

bring warmth to cold winter nights.

Radiant rainbows

remind of summer’s colours

Sweet sounds

Supply music for a winter’s dance

Spectacular smells

bring back memories of spring

Terrific tastes

are the spice on bland food

And perfect pictures

Make our soul fly.

This year

I am Frederick.

This year,

I don’t collect food for winter.

This year,

I am lazy while my companions work hard.

Instead of providing for the months to come,

I use my time to collect other things.

Sunrays and raindrops

Colours and shades

Sounds and waves

Smells and scents

Tastes and spices

Pictures and photos

Things from afar.

Many valuable things.

For myself

For the winter days

That will come for me, one day.

And for you

Whose winter days may be here


To share my collection

With you

And to bring


Into your life

And help your soul to fly.

   I wonder:

 Will you

like my collection?








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