We are more than half way.

Can’t believe how time flies even when you have nothing to do.

Right now, I live in solitude.

For the weekend.

This hasn’t happened to me since we left Australia.

And I love it.

What a blessing!

How fortunate I am. To have two places I call home.

IMG_3198   IMG_3199

At the moment, I am enjoying the home I grew up in.

It is 10 pm. I am sitting outside.

It is still light (how much I will miss that in my second home!)

Birds are chirping. Some chirping comes from next door.

My cousin is a bird lover. He even keeps a pair of Australian King Parrots in a cage in his backyard. Successfully breeding.

IMG_3207   IMG_3208

I wonder if it’s one of them singing a sad song at this late hour?

And there are birds from the forest nearby.

The other night, there was a single, beautiful, clear sound coming out of the forest at

11 o’clock at night.

I have never heard anything that beautiful. A total new sound for my ears, never experienced before. My bird – expert – cousin told me it was the call of a nightingale.

How amazingly special!


How fortunate I am. To have a sister I can visit.

She looks after the house of my childhood.

At the moment, I am enjoying this home alone.


My first home.

What a blessing.


Sleeping in. A rather grey sky welcomes me outside as I wake up and look out of the window. I don’t mind.  I like grey skies because I hardly have them in my second home.

Boiling a cup of tea and moving back to bed. With my Bible. With the newspaper.

Getting up eventually.

What will I do today?

Let’s start with a short jog. The first one after our minor motor scooter accident on Milos/Greece. The bruises are almost gone. The pain in my leg is hardly felt.

Let’s give it a try. Slowly, slowly. It still hurts. But it is bearable.

The forest is quiet and moist from the rain. Some parts of the path are muddy. A good excuse to run a bit slower. Passing a bird that seems to stay still in the air forever. What is it doing? Chasing a mouse? I never find out as it dives down and disappears in the high grass.

Quiet, so quiet. Two shadows, low on the ground, cross the path from left to right with high speed.  I squeeze my eyes to try and find out what it is. Again, this time from right to left, they rush across. And again. Long tails behind. Two tiny squirrels playing chasey!

Another lonely jogger overtakes me with two dogs (I told you how slow I was).

On my way back I find my favourite blue flowers (Kornblumen) in a field and pick some.

The field is cut. The harvester went through it.

The Kornblumen survived.

I love picking flowers in the wild.


Home again. Shower. Breakfast. Favourite music.

I love listening to my favourite music. Again and again.

Bike ride to the next village. Nothing much has changed around here except the new supermarket at the corner and the heavier traffic.

Stopping at the local swimming pool for a swim. This is the place where I spent the summer days when I was young. Nothing much has changed. The changing rooms, the tuck shop, even the mirror is still hanging in the same spot. I remember looking at myself in that mirror when I was young. In those days, I actually liked looking at my  face in this mirror. What a different face looks at me today!

Never mind. When I enter the pool, I remember the spot where I learnt how to swim.

I  still feel what it was like, all of a sudden, to stay afloat, the water was holding me up, somehow, I could swim.

My cousin Uli taught me. He was the one who always pushed my head down, too, like some other boys who just loved to tease us girls. I hated that. I notice that the boys these days do the same to the girls. Isn’t that funny. Nothing much has changed. This cousin who taught me to swim was just a year older than me. Sadly, he took his own life a few years ago.


The afternoon is spent in our little local town. Shopping. Picking up some bargains.

Late afternoon and I go to the movies. By myself. Just me. The movie is sad. I hear people sniffing in the row in front of me.

I don’t cry.

I am still happy.

Back home on the local bus. I am the only passenger.

This is a quiet part of Germany.

What will I do tomorrow?


Ahh, this is life!










3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Wow Ulrike! it sounds like you are relishing the solitude!! I am (almost) home alone too at the moment as John has gone on his trip out west. He will be watching the 3rd state of origin tonight from the Birdsville Pub. Like you, I am quite happy to be alone for a while! James comes and goes and has been working for his friend’s boss this week – a builder – He is very happy with the blisters from hard work! I hope they pay him. Otherwise all is well. Laurie is not so happy because she decided to study at Uni in Germany (a course in English) but she was declined because her German is not good enough. I wonder where God wants her to be? She is volunteering with the Syrian refugees and loves that but it doesn’t pay the bills. Amy is finishing off her studies – only 3 subjects to go – that will be a relief when its finally done. Your kids, like you, seem to be living life to the full – such wonderful photos and wonderful smiles. Good on them! It doesn’t look like Maren will stay still for long! Hope Fynn is as fine as the girls – don’t see much of him on fb! (smart boy!). Love to you and Ron Helen and John xx

    John and Helen Zigterman


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