Fundo, here we are

Bundles everywhere
Bundles everywhere

How I love these little bundles. Snug tight on the back of a mother, they hang in there, head to the side, all other body parts invisible except two tiny feet sticking out just above mum’s hip.

Fundo mum









How I enjoy our drives through dense bushland, red, sandy,  bumpy roads, open car windows that let the cool breeze in as well as the dust that hides the driver’s vision as he tries to avoid the swaying truck carrying sacks of charcoal and MANY people on top that drives on the other side of the road.

There is no other side really. The path is small and many are using it. Boda bodas with up to 5 people on them, bikes loaded with roof parts and jerry cans, and pedestrians, male and female, the latter always with heavy loads on their heads.

Graceful they look, these strong women and young girls, walking long distances to carry heavy burdens. They are so skillful!

What fun we had when we were driving down to the river Nile, accompanied by local women and empty jerry cans, fetching water from the river and trying to balance the load on our heads. After only some steps we felt the strain on the back of our necks and we didn’t even try to balance the cans on our heads without the support of our hands. You should have heard the encouraging shouts and joyful laughter of the locals!

Our second last day in Fundo, the fishing village on the Nile, far away from everything else, in the middle of nowhere.

The school grounds are packed with people every day when we arrive. Clusters of people under big shady trees. Long queues in front of the three classroom doors that host a laboratory, a pharmacy, an oncology clinic and a GP consulting room. Important people in white coats sit at tables, the only furniture in the rooms except an occasional wooden school desk and bench.

I love you, Africa.








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